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    We struggle every day to be seen and stand out in the internet prominent world. We are competing with others who have a similar skill set. Starting today you can develop tools and ways to be seen; establish your expertise and stand out in a very crowded world.

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    2018 was a big learning year for me. I’ve always viewed each year as a chance to grow and learn more about myself, my business, my audience, and my clients. But 2018, was different. It was more learning about my business and myself and allowing me to brand and focus on what really called my […]

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    Social Media Engagement – You’re Doing It All Wrong …

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    If you are business owner and you have a social media presence, then this is for you.  This is not intended to be a jab at anybody or to call out that you personally are involved in doing these things; however, if you feel as if this is something you may or may not border […]

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