30 Day Social Media Workgroup

The 30 Day Social Media Workgroup is here!

Its time to build your consistent social media presence in just 30 days.

We've all been there. We've sat down on a Monday morning and planned out the social media posts.

And then by Thursday we've stopped posting what we had planned.

Maybe you lack the automation and the support to get it done. Maybe you have been posting but you're not getting the response you had hoped.

That's about to change ...

What You Get with the 30 Day Social Media Workgroup - it's a WORKgroup -- you have to put in the work to get the results.

  1. Weekly Group Calls. Review the weeks worksheet and best practices.
  2. 30 Days of Support from Your Biz Bestie. Your sounding board for ideas (no matter how crazy!)
  3. Ongoing group access (after the 30 days!)
  4. Worksheets delivered to your email every Monday morning.
  5. Weekly Social Media Trainings to leverage your social media knowledge and posts.
  6. Feedback and updates to your social media posts.


Why you NEED the 30 Day Social Media Workgroup:

  • Interact with other biz owners
  • Create 30 days of consistent social media content
  • Get feedback on all content from YOUR BIZ BESTIE and other Workgroup members
  • Get graphics to help draw attention to your social media posts
  • Develop consistency with your social media accounts
  • Build a 30 Day Editorial Calendar (not just your social media posts)
  • Get visibility
  • Implement your schedules (and keep them!)
  • Become an automation expert


I'm ready to help you take your BIZ and your Social Media exposure.