Using FUCK in Your Brand!

By admin | February 5, 2015 | Category Business Consulting


Now I have to say, while the word is not PART of my Brand, it is part of me. I drop F-Bombs ALOT, on calls with friends, family and even my clients.

I am a member of a female entrepreneur group that uses the word FUCK ALOT, I mean ALOT! There was a recent post by one of the members that was disgusted by the use of the “F” word and would be leaving our group because of it. This conversation for me, was a thought trigger. Fuck is one of the most common words used because of the fact that is not just a verb, it’s also and adjective, pronoun, noun, and every other english term you can think of.

Personally, each person has the right to decide if they will associate with people who say Fuck. And for some people, this IS part of their brand, Erika Napoletano, Brand Strategist, Speaker and Blogger, is just one of many. While I am sure she has her fair share of haters, she is one of the most successful brands I have the honor of following. And honestly, her points are spot on and her content DOESN’T suck.

Fuck, for many can come across as unladylike, or unprofessional, and is frowned upon in a number of situations. Personally, if someone can’t accept me for what is inside of my head, instead of what comes out of my mouth, then why pretend to be someone I am not, to please a handful of people, when way more than that (I think) like me for who I am, what is in my head, and what comes out of my mouth.

Let’s be real for a minute. When you hear a man say FUCK, does it “disturb” you to the same notion as when a woman says it? Does the use of the word FUCK make someone else important, less professional, less classy?

I gotta tell you, I know a lot of people (specifically women) who are classy, well-educated, wealthy, and successful who just so happen to say FUCK. In my opinion, it’s just another word. Sometimes frick, just doesn’t do the mood, the statement, or the attitude justice. Sometimes, your brand needs a little spunk.

I don’t use FUCK in my brand, but it is part of who I am. Love me or Hate me, it is me. And so far, it hasn’t cost me a lot. So until it starts impacting my success and my bottom line, I’m going to keep being me.