As new and experienced entrepreneurs we are faced daily with overwhelm, causing stress and uncertainty.

Entrepreneurs are being driven into overwhelm from all the email subscriptions, facebook pages, and posts from entrepreneurs sharing their offers and freebies.

We start lacking clarity and focus when we are being pulled into different directions.

We start following one entrepreneur and then another; from one facebook group to 50, your inbox is overloaded with tips and resources, and before we know it we are spending more time reading the tips and resources and no time creating and building.

Strategic direction is required to remove the overwhelm, gain clarity and focus and build the business of your dreams.

This strategic direction is the only way that you will pull yourself out of the quicksand.

It’s time to remove the distractions and unnecessary tasks and background noise to start generating clarity and focus and building the business of your dream.

I’ve got just what you need!

My name is Nicole Tatlock and I am nikkicole – your biz bestie, I help Business Divas to manage the overwhelm, gain clarity and focus and build a strategic focus for the business of their dreams. When I first started my entrepreneur journey, 20 years ago, I was focused on helping business owners to launch their web and marketing strategies. And along my own personal entrepreneur journey, I struggled with the overwhelm and lack of focus as business needs of my customers changed. I also struggled with a number of personal issues; including losing myself. In losing myself, I didn’t just lose who I was, I lost my financial security. I lost my business. I lost more than just the business I had built.

Your personal entrepreneur journey, is also a personal journey. Your personal growth and journey is a catalyst for your business growth and business journey. They go hand and hand. And with 20 years of experience and self-inflicted struggle; I have grown into the person and business leader I am today. And, I want to share with you how to manage your personal journey with your business journey.

Today, I’ve shifted to helping business women to gain the clarity and focus, with strategic personal and business growth, while filtering the overwhelm. I struggled for the first 5 years of my journey with the overwhelm and the lack of clarity or focus. I’ve developed the coaching programs and self-paced programs to help women like yourself, get on track, stay on track and build your dream business, and grow yourself (or find yourself, if you got lost along the way).

And the best part is I guarantee with my help you’ll learn the basic principles of personal and business growth, managing overwhelm, gaining clarity and focus and have strategic direction to build the business you dream of.

It’s time to get your business and your life moving in the right direction.

If you are ready to get out of the quicksand, get clear and focused, and build your dream life, then what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.




Wanna Get Personal?

I am a single mom to 2 teenage daughters.

I have rebranded my business 4 times.

I worked full-time, went to school full-time, and launched my business, simultaneously.

I am currently writing 4 books, simultaneously.

I graduated in the top 10% of my class, while pregnant with my oldest daughter.

My favorite color is pink. Yet, the only color really in my wardrobe is black.

I’ve dyed my hair red for 7 years and I won’t dye it any other color.

I love to read. My favorite author is J.D. Robb (a Nora Roberts Pen Name)

If it wasn’t for my support group, I’d probably be locked in a padded cell.

I cannot function without coffee each morning.