Social Media Engagement – You’re Doing It All Wrong …

By Nicole Tatlock | June 9, 2018 | Category Social Media

Social Media Engagement

I wrote a blog post over 4 years ago on Social Media Engagement, titled Engagement: The Way to Rock Social Media. It was a very popular post that was picked up and shared on several major outlets.

A lot has changed in the online space over 4 years, so I’m revisiting this post to update and touch on some of the things you MUST do within Social Media Engagement to be successful in your business.

Here is the original post: Engagement: The Way to Rock Social Media

social media engagementNow, fast forward to 2018. Social Media has grown, changed, developed into an amazing outlet for businesses, entrepreneurs and people to be heard, to be seen, to be challenged and to take themselves to the next level.

I have been on Facebook for 10 years, Twitter for 8 years and Instagram for 4 years. I just started a YouTube channel.

I am in over 50 groups on Facebook. Facebook for me is my most active platform. This is where I am the most engaged. This is also where I see the most activity to grow myself, my business, and my influence. This is where social media engagement is the highest.

In 2018, I am growing the other platforms through my Social Media Engagement Strategies. Yes, strategies. Engaging without purpose or a plan, really does not provide you any value. You have to have a strategy to have successful social media engagement.

When it comes to Social Media it will do one of two things for you; it will suck you in and consume all your time. OR it will provide value and growth. I prefer the latter. Time is Money. Time is a very valuable commodity that is limited when not used properly. But what sets you apart from those who leverage Social Media for the purpose of growth is your engagement.

Social Media Engagement is the number 1 think you can do in Social Media to have an impact on your business. And there are two sides to engagement. And when I say social media engagement, I don’t mean just liking what people are posting. The first side of engaging means that you are seeing the value, your sharing the value AND you’re creating conversations around the topic generated by others that share a common interest. The second side of engaging means that you are creating engaging posts, topics and value for others to share, and converse alongside with.

The best way to create the social media engagement right now on Facebook is Facebook Lives. These are huge engagement opportunities that provide the best conversations. What I think is most impactful about Facebook Lives is that people really do have the opportunity to see what you are about, feel your passion and purpose (when done right), and drive through the points that copy can sometimes lack.  

social media engagementFor Twitter the best way to create engagement is to provide value that makes people think and entices them to want to learn more. Twitter is about sharing. Sharing is caring and that is what Twitters mine focus is on.

For Instagram the best way to create social media engagement is through quality images, appealing and thought-provoking captions, and use of hashtags that are specific to what your providing. Comments are the start to the conversation and you as the primary user of the post, need to engage in every last one of those comments.

I am still learning about YouTube, which doesn’t have a solid foundation for engagement, unless you’re using the YouTube Live feature, or driving them through a solid Call to Action to pick up the conversation in another manner.

The best thing you can do for your business when it comes to Social Media Engagement is find a handful of Facebook Groups that you feel a good connection with and try them out, see how the engagement is. Engage yourself with the other members and their posts, and do the same thing when you post something. Always provide value in your post. It allows those who are interested to connect with you through that value. If you find the group isn’t working for you and your aren’t receiving value, then it is time to leave that group.

Using the value you receive provide engaging and emotionally-driven content through twitter, instagram and YouTube videos that allows people to see who you are, what you do, what you provide and inside all of that the passion and purpose behind what you are doing. Videos are the best way to do this. Videos are the largest growing content arena that you should be focusing on.

It doesn’t matter what you share, if it’s not valuable, if it’s not filled with emotion, if it’s not filled with passion and purpose and people aren’t engaging with you; then it’s not of any use to you, and it’s a waste of time. Something we can’t waste.

I want you to have the best Social Media experience. I want you to be strategic in your engagement and your own posts. If you struggle with this and need someone to help with that focus and direction; let’s connect. Let me help you achieve a social media presence that screams engagement, value, passion and purpose.