nikkicole - brand strategiest, marketing strategist, biz bestie, web design & development, business coach

Nicole Tatlock, owner of Nikkicole, Your Biz Bestie, is a Web Designer and Developer, Brand Strategist, Business Coach, and Writer. As a single mother at 17 she had to overcome depression and low self-worth to build her 7-figure empire in 3 years. After foregoing her first passion of writing, Nicole turned to web design + development to help business owners tell their stories. For 20 years, Nicole has worked with over 1,000 clients in Web Design + Development, Marketing + Brand Strategies, and Business Growth, to overcome the obstacles and succeed.

Nicole is WordPress and Adobe certified, has been featured on Millionaire Mindset, and was awarded the Startup Nation, Best Home Business, three years in a row. She has helped clients to achieve international partnerships, build 7-figure empires of their own, and become best-selling authors.

While continuing to work with her clients at Nikkicole, Your Biz Bestie, Nicole has returned to her writing and is preparing to publish her first three books, which align with both her personal and business experience from the past 20 years. Nicole lives in Florida with her boyfriend, her daughter, 2 dogs and 2 cats.

Nicole is available for interviews and speaking engagements on the following topics:

personal development ~ marketing + brand strategies ~ web design + development trends and support ~
overcoming obstacles in business ~ business growth ~ course creation ~ business management